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Book Review: Colours of Life by Inderjit Kaur

Colours of Life - Book Cover

Book Name: Colours of Life

Authoress: Inderjit Kaur

Publisher: Notionpress


The Spiritual Violet – Inspiring
We meet many people on daily basis. A few of them touch our lives in a good way while some leave us hurt. The chapter ‘The Spiritual Violet’ tells us that it is we who decide how we feel. It is we alone who choose what is good and bad. When you allow others to affect your mood, your happiness, you are giving the key to your happiness to others. Don’t ever do that. Don’t ever be a victim. Take up stand for your happiness.

Wisdom Inked Indigo – Devotion.
Every struggle you face in your life makes you stronger. Do not consider struggle to be a problem, instead treat it as an opportunity to grow. Believe in yourself. Have faith in yourself, in your hard work. Be devoted to the cause and trust that success will be yours!

Confident Blue – Peace, Relaxation.
When someone you love leaves your life, you always feel that void which never gets filled. No matter what you do, moving on with life, accepting the change seems difficult. The chapter ‘Confident Blue’ teaches you to move on in life not just for the heck of it. You should be confident and ready to accept the change. God never saddens his creations. The change is just a phase and will pass. Be calm and relax!

The Peacemaker Green – Growth, Peace.
If you hold on to something or some incident, you are giving a part of yourself to it. You are keeping yourself busy with its thoughts. You are worrying unnecessarily. You are hampering with your growth. ‘The Peacemaker Green’ tells you to let it all go. It suggests us to be positive. It encourages us to see the good inside the bad.

The Optimistic Yellow – Optimism.
What is our life if we don’t have any hope? Wont it be barren and dull? This chapter inculcates positive thoughts in us. It urges us to look forward to good things in life.

The Compassionate Orange – Compassion
We humans are comprised of varied emotions. These emotions are responsible for building us. We are fighting demons within ourselves. But is it necessary to show this to others? Wearing a smile on your face and being compassionate can make a difference.

The Courageous Red.
It is rightly said that courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it. This chaoter advices us o never give up. Your path to success will always be a bumpy one. You should never lose hope, never give up and face all the problems with smile.

The authoress has taken into account the different colours of rainbow and given a message for lifetime. She explains her point with the help of a short story. The manner in which she has narrated those stories is exemplary. For a moment, I thought that I wasn’t reading but the authoress was talking to me. 

The Part B of the book gives you 38 lessons on developing a positive attitude, being hopeful, being responsible, identifying your potential, striving towards excellence – in short being a new you. These chapters yet again, have realistic narration. You will indeed feel that you are conversing with the author. These lessons if followed, will surely enhance your life. I don’t tell you to follow everything at once. But a chapter or two at a time.

I was caught in a very difficult situation few days back (the reason why I was late in reviewing). The ‘Rainbow’ part of the book has helped me a lot in facing the adversities. Give this book a chance. Disappointment will be miles away from you.

I rate:
Cover: 3/5

My overall rating for Colours of Life is 4.5/5 stars.

You can buy your copies on Amazon.

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