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Book Review: Married Virgins by Rituparna Deshmukh

Married Virgins - Cover Picture

Book Name: Married Virgins

Author: Rituparna Deshmukh

Publisher: Frog Books

Story in a  nutshell:

Raghav is a man in his marriageable age working in a well-established company in Delhi. He has had a tough relationship and found it really difficult to move on with his life. His routine is monotonic – hme-office-home. He doesn’t have many friends. He is a reserved person. Akira enters his life like a morning sun. He falls in love with her slowly and steadily.

Raghav is heartbroken when he realizes that Akira is in love with someone. The guy whom Akira loves is her childhood friend, Usain. Raghav accepts it and submits himself to fate.

Life isn’t a bed of roses for Akira either. Her parents are against Usain for he is muslim. After a numerous attempts to convince her parents and uncountable fights with Usain, Akira gives up. Matters further worsen when Usain demands for a physical relationship. Akira leaves him forever and agrees to her parents’ decision to get married. The very thought of some other man touching her disturbs her to the core and she remembers Raghav who had once mentioned to her that he wouldn’t mind not having sexual relationship with her. She gets married to Raghav with a promise of celibacy. Do they manage to keep the promise? What happens when Usain enters Akira’s life again?


The story is new and fresh. Celibacy is something that I had never read about. The plot has been crafted well. The incidents have been thoughtfully organized. However, I felt that some incidents had been exaggerated unnecessarily. The characters aren’t many and are crafted well. Each has a significant role to play and is as important as the others. Raghav’s family and the incidents that revolve around them gave me that homely feel and will instantly feel connected to them. Akira’s family failed to create that connection.

The story gave me a few lessons about relationships.
  • In a relationship, It’s never me. It’s always we.
  • Love means letting go and being happy that your partner is happy.
  • Sex is not important in love.
  • Love always put you to test. It is this test which determines the depth of your love for each other.

Spread across 400 (approximately) pages, Married Virgins is surely  a treat for romance lovers. It has all elements that you’ll find in a typical Bollywood movie. It has love, friendship, hatred, jealousy, sadness, sacrifice and action. It is one of those stories that will stay with you in long run. It is very well suited to be converted into a movie.

I rate:

Cover: 3.5/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Story: 4/5

My overall rating for Married Virgins is 4/5 stars.

You can book your copies here.

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