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Book Review: The Corridor of Uncertainty by Kiran Chandra

The Corridor of Uncertainity - Book Cover

Book Name: The Corridor of Uncertainty

Author: Kiran Chandra

Publisher: White Falcon Publishing

Price: Rs. 250


Lalnagar, a locality in Bangalore, miniature of the city itself, housed different caste and creed. One of the largest religions of all was 'Cricket'. In a country where this game unites all where true religion divides, what happens when the cult of cricket collides with the real systems of faith? Will there be a further rift?

Karna's love and passion for Divya is as much as for the game. Karna and his friends, worshipers of the game, go through a pious and adventurous journey of conflict. They are guided by the principles of righteousness, sportsmanship, ethics and fair play by Mr. Iyer and most importantly the confidence instilled by their mentor Nawab Khan. They have to gain self belief, which leads them to introspect. They recognise the true sense of Arthur Schopenhauer's quote 'Honour has not to be won; it must only not to be lost.' They ultimately win many hearts, but will Karna win the only heart he longs for?

Story in a nutshell:

This story is set in the times when the demolition of Babri Masjid had occurred. Kutti, a young boy in his teens, is a great fan of cricket along with his friends. He stays in a colony in which people from different religions, from different walks of life stay in harmony. Kutti and his friends play cricket everyday. There are tournaments held during holidays. Kutti and his friends give their best to the game. They never let failure dampen their sporting spirit. Will the demolition affect the people of Kutti's colony? What happened during the match that led to the rift between the Hindus and Muslims of Kutti's colony? Is Kutti successful in  building good relations between his people?


'The Corridor of Uncertainty'- the title of this book is a mystery and the question why the book is named as this kept me womdering. I read the blurb and also, the one-line review about the book on the cover. It  seemed interesting.

I am not a great fan of cricket. I wondered whether I would be able to do enough justice to the book and the
review. I was confused. The moment I started reading this book, my confusion was cleared. I knew that I  would surely do justice to the book. Not even for a moment did I feel alien in the world of cricket. The  matches that Kutti and his friends played are very well-described. The situation of the game at the service of each ball and the subsequent scores. I really liked the way it is narrated.

Coming to the story part, wrapping up a story during the times of Babri Masjid Demolition which has cricket,
festivities, a crime-scene requires thoughtful plotting. And I must say that the author has done a commendable job. I liked the mystery about the crime scene from this story. You cannot predict what could happen next. The narration is simple and engaging. The characters are many. I remembered 'Tarak Mehta ka ulta chashma' when I read about Kutti and his colony.

In all, 'The Corridor of Uncertainty' is a treat for cricket lovers. The simple narration, amiable characters,
the engaging story and the lessons you learn cannot be missed. 

I rate:

Cover: 3/5
Characters: 4/5
Story: 4/5

I rate 'The Corridor of Uncertainty' with 4/5 stars.

You can buy this book on Amazon.

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