Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Book Review- The Dream Come True by Rishiraj Sen


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Book Name: The Dream Come True

Author: Rishiraj Sen

Publisher: Omji Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Price: Rs.


Nineteen years had gone by to a crucified act that separated the soul who were madly in love with each other. Family drove them to unwanted roads which they would had never chosen. Their love was killed and buried for nineteen long years under the sand of time.She was married he faded away.Bitterness in heart always engrossed their way.She was a mother he became no one to bother But dreams of being together never left...Will they able to be together in the last phase of life? Can love find its way in the most obscure route of life? Or the story that remained incomplete and untold will remain so?

Story in a nutshell:
Neha, a young girl comes home with a foul mood. Her mother, Anya, questions her about it. She wants her to get married to the love of her life. But Neha doesn't want to. When Anya asks her about her reason for not agreeing, Neha lashes out on her. They have an argument and Neha talks really bad stuff to her mother. Anya refuges to her balcony. She is astonished with Neha's talks. Few moments later, Neha comes to Anya and asks for forgiveness. Anya hugs her daughter and asks her if she would like to hear her story.

Anya starts with her story which leaves Neha teary-eyed. Something inside her changes and she makes up her mind and takes a decision. What story did Anya tell Neha? What decision did Neha take?


I had heard about this book over social media. It was creating a lot of buzz. Readers were singing praises about this book. Soon, the author pinged me and asked me to review it. And here I am with my review.
The story seemed to be kind of predictable to me. The flow of the incidents have been uneven. Some run at leopard's pace while some are slower than the snail. There have been incidents where I was bored. Overall, the story was good. I had hoped for some major twists and turns but the ones that were presented seemed quite minor. The story has been narrated in first person and seemed to be done from heart. It felt like a diary account- simple, emotional and touchy. The characters made a place in my heart. There were moments when I dropped a tear. The book seemed to be like a Bollywood movie to  me. I felt realism to be missing. (I am being very frank.)


  • Anya's and Nandani's relationship.
  • Anya and Arjun's undying love for each other.
  • Shiv and his one-sided love for Anya.

  • The book needs editing. Proper editing will benefit it in long run.
  • I felt liked heavy words have been stuffed at places to make the narration better (I guess). But that ruined the entire thing. I could really make out that the were stuffed in.
  • I felt that the title and the story did not match each other well.
I rate:
Cover: 3/5.
Story: 2.5/5
Characters: 3/5

Overall, I rate 'The Dream Come True' with 2.5/5 stars.

You can book your copies on Amazon.


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