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Book Review- The Crossbow Code by M. C. Raj

The Crossbow Code - Book Cover

Book Name : The Crossbow Code

Author : M. C. Raj

Publisher : Panther House Paper & Digital Publication LLP

Price : Rs. 245


The media is agog as the Pope passes out mysteriously on seeing Kris, thought to be  a terrorist. But is he one? Kris esapes from the police and returns to meet the Pope once again, after which the Pope is found poisoned to death.

On the run, Kris reaches Mumbai, where he gets to know that a prominent freedom fighter, Mohandas, was instrument in his escape. But the man is not as he seems and Kris is dismayed by the experiments taking place at his ashram. However, a chance encounter leads him to Germany. But someone wants him dead and attempts an assassination that could spell doom for Kris. Who is behind the pope's murder? How are all these countries connected? Who wants Kris dead? And lastly, who is this mysterious Kris?

Read on as a sinister international conspiracy is unravelled that will shock the reader as well as take them on an exhilarating ride, full of twists and turns in MC Raj's thriller, THE CROSSBOW CODE.

Story in a nutshell :

The story opens up with an incident where in Kris is jailed and two Muslim women come to free him. The next chapter takes you to the incident where Kris meets the Pope. Their conversations are sweet but over time, they move in the wrong direction. Ultimately, Kris is thrown out by the Pope.

Kris wanders around and bumps in to two unusual men. They share their story with him. Who were they? What was their story? He is also told about the two Muslim women. They happen to be his wives.

The very next morning, Kris receives a bad news that the Pope has died. All suspect that it is Kris who killed him.

Kris returns to India only to be encountered by another problem which leads him to Germany. What does he get himself into? Who has killed the Pope? And why is everybody suspecting him? Who is Kris?


The story begins with a bang and instills interest in the minds of readers. As the story progresses, I learnt many new things about Christanity. The mystery element is rightly maintained until the 5th chapter. From sixth chapter onwards, the focus completely shifts on Indian history and the freedom movement. Over the next few chapters, author keeps you engrossed with the untouchability in India and the subsequent try by Indian leaders for abolishing it. Towards the end, the Pope murder comes up again.

The narration is in 3rd person and kept me hooked. The characters also have been crafted well. I am not very much pleased with the flow of the story.


  • Kris's thoughts about religion and God.
  • Kris's unconditional love for Fatima and Rhea.
  • Alice's confession.
  • The paper quality of this book is really good.


  • The flow of events in the story.
  • The reveal of the murder mystery was plain and simple. The 'thrill' factor was missing.
  • The second last chapter takes the reader on a tour to Germany which I feel could have been excluded.

I rate:
Cover: 2.5/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Story: 2.5/5

On the whole, I rate 'The Crossbow Code' with 3/5 stars.

You can buy your copies on Amazon.

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