Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Book Review: Chela - The Adventures of Jack and Ty by Saurabh Kumar

Book Name: Chela - The Adventures of Jack and Ty

Author: Saurabh Kumar

Publisher: Petals Publishers and Distributors

Price: Rs. 160


Chela: The Adventures of Jack and Ty is in part a tribute to one of the greatest writers and humorists of the twentieth century, Sir P.G. Wodehouse, and a spoof on the fantasy genre where anything and everything can happen at any given moment and time. Jack is a hungry jackal, booted out of his clan for being lazy and incapable of providing for himself. One night while wandering a patch of forest he accidentally steps on the tail of a tiger that is understandably furious at the jackal. The tiger Ty, confronts the jackal with the latter begging forgiveness. The commotion dies down and they soon go their separate ways. Fate, however, brings them together again and they soon realize they are both facing a similar predicament - an acute shortage of food. The two strangers soon become comrades and along with Herbert, a cross between a wolf and a pariah dog, set out on a journey through the vast woodland of Baganpore and beyond in search of food. On the way they face perils aplenty in the form of diabolical relatives, cunning scavengers, a mysterious banyan tree and a lake that isn't what it appears to be.


The book is actually an adventurous journey with the jackal and Tiger (Jack and Ty) where you’ll see the different aspects of society. One can learn while enjoying this brilliant piece of writing.  The book is filled with good messages and may leave you thinkfull about many social, emotional and human behavioral matters. Though it is fiction but very actual and realistic approach of writer, I must say. Mr. Saurabh has chosen a wonderful subject. Every character in the story has played a crucial and unique role.  

Very well narration, perfect humour, strong plot and appropriate use of words making it a fabulous story book.  As the book cover is attractive and beautiful, pages inside are also of good quality. Correct setting, apt designing and editing is also showcasing the publisher’s finest work. I really liked it so much.  

I rate 'Chela - The Adventures of Jack and Ty' with 4/5 stars.

You can buy your copies on Amazon.

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