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Book Review- When I Fell In Love With Life by Geetha Paniker

Book Name: When I Fell In Love With Life - Musings of a Cancer Survivor
Authoress: Geetha Paniker
Publisher: Partridge India

An anthology of writings from a cancer survivor whose therapeutic writing will guide, inspire and heal your soul. She lays bare all the aspects of private suffeing yet points out how she overcame each challenge with grit, determination and a healthy dose of childish delight and wonder. Profound thoughts narrated in a simple language. Her words and wonderful ability to blend with her surroundings, yet stand out by absorbing the essence of it all; will challenge you to look at life through a rebel's twinkling eye. Journey with this nature-loving, soul-searching, deep-thinking powerhouse. See what it feels like to touch rock bottom and build a solid foundation for a life made on her terms. A truthful story that continues to redefine the norm and gives you a glimpse into the life of a true survivor.

I picked up this book to read when I was myself low. Yes. I had given up on my life. I had given up believing that my life could get any better. As I started reading this book, I made a conclusion that this too would be one of those which would try to make you feel that your problem isn't really a problem and would try to suggest you some ways to overcome them. But I was so wrong. This book is nothing of that kind. Yes, it talks about being determined, staying positive but not the way others do. This book shows the reader a ray of light in that darkest corner of the room. This book talks about those deepest secrets that you hid in the chambers of your heart and feel guilty about. It tells you that its alright to make mistakes and learn from them. It tells you that no matter what is going on in your life, your boat is ultimately going to hit the shores. It gives you an inspiration to keep rowing.
The book contains 81 chapters. Each chapter gives the reader a positive message. It talks about finding goodness in all adverse situations. Cancer shouldn't be considered as a threat. Authoress talks about seeing CAN in CANCER. She says that it is the will to fight which actually helps you to fight. Authoress has attributed most of the things to nature and I feel that there is no great and experienced teacher than nature in this world. Nature has been continuously educating us in her own way and we had been too blind to understand her lessons all these years. It is only after reading this book that I have started having these conversations with nature and believe me or not, I have been getting answers to most of the questions that I snap at her. Authoress has also included some beautiful poems in most of the chapters. These poems are heart-touching, soul-stirring ones.
This book has affected my life in a good way and I believe that, in future too, when I will feel low reading a chapter or two from this book will make me feel better. 
A must read for all Cancer patients and people who have stopped living their lives the way it should be lived.

I rate:
Cover: 3/5

My rating for 'When I Fell In Love With Life' is 4/5 stars.

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  1. If I can inspire through my book that is my reward. Thanks a lot Divya and hope it keeps inspiring you.


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