Friday, 12 February 2016

Review- Musings of Desire by Amit Radha Krishna Nigam

Book Name: Musings of Desire

Poet: Amit Radha Krishna Nigam

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

Price: Rs. 450


This poetry collection is divided into 12 sections.

NOT Sonnets
A sonnet is a poem of fourteen lines using any number of formal rhyme schemes in English typically having ten syllables per line. The poet has presented 4 such ‘NOT Sonnets’ each being unique in itself.

Musings of Desire
The next set of poems is named as Musings of Desire. They are just the way the title suggests. Each poem is rich in emotions. These poems will surely make you travel those places which you haven’t visited for years and neither had plans of visiting. This collection will surely remind you of the person you cannot have.

By the docks
There are always certain places, certain things (like in your city- may be some fort, garden etc.) which reminds you of people. In this section, the poet talks to us about such places/ things where the relationships have suffered or blossomed. Again, a wonderful set of poems which will kindle your heart with emotions.

Our world
This set of poems typically describes the world we are currently living in. it talks about poverty, progress (good and bad), relationship issues and many more topics. The poems are realistic and that is the beauty of this section.

From the Book of Poetry
This section consists of 7 poems – all related to poems and poetry. The poems talk the heart of the poet.

 From the Book of Krishna and other verses
This section of the book can be rightly called as the ‘spiritual’ section. The poems and verses are about Lord Krishna, Prahlad and Sudama. These poems will instill your belief in God. A good read!

A collection of poems which deals with ego and indifferences to death. It’s a collection from hobbies to dreams, from music to songs. These poems reflect various moods that a person can go through. Again, an incredible collection.

My Heart Cries Today
This section comprises of poems of sadness, grief, sorrow and loss. These touching poems will surely make you shed a drop of tear. (This collection is short one. More poems would have made it better.)

Musings on Obituaries
Death is the ultimate destination. These poems have been written on varied topics- like farmer’s suicide, terrorist attacks. This section has heart-wrenching poems.

The Nature of Seekers
This section contains 3 thought-provoking write-ups.

From The Notebook
The poems from this section are basically ‘notes to self’. The poet talks to himself, advices himself through these poems. A good collection!

A beautiful collection of songs and verses. I won’t get into much details cause these songs and verses should be felt by heart not just read.

I rate:

Cover: 2.5/5

My overall rating for Musings of Desire is 3.8/5 stars.

You can buy this awesome poem collection here.


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