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Book Review- Logically Stupid, That’s Love by Shikha

Book Name: Logically Stupid, That’s Love

Authoress: Shikha

Publisher: Srishti Publishers and Distributors

Price: Rs. 250


Kartik: Yes, I want to be successful, and that’s not crime. Trust me, I too would have wanted the same as Ms. Stupid, but I can’t toss away my hard-work of years for a girl. We would have had a beautiful love story had she not been my boss’ daughter.

Sahana: I know he’s ambitious and doesn’t know his heart well. But I’m sure one day Mr. Logical will come my way of thinking, and we’ll have a beautiful life together thereafter.

He flirted with her for five days; she waited for him for five years, only to be shattered irrevocably one day. Logic seems to be winning the battle, until destiny refuses to move on and adamantly brings them face to face again.

In life’s moments of struggle and comfort, the heart and mind must join hands to combat.

A love story dedicated to the generation that never values what comes easy. Wish a few logics were a little less stupid. But nevertheless…

Logically Stupid, That’s Love!

Story in a nutshell:

Sahana is the only daughter of one of the business man in Mumbai. She has been pampered throughout 20 years of her life. She gets all hysterical when her parents announce to her that they have chosen a guy for her marriage and that they want her to see him. She flees away from the place to escape the mess her parents had created for her.

Enter Kartik, a young boy of 24. He has been recruited by Sahana’s father, Ajit. He is in Mumbai to set his career on the right track. Mr. Ajit suggests Kartik to take a tour before joining his company. Kartik choses Goa and then commences his road trip.

Life is going on fine for Kartik and then he realizes the presence of another individual in his car at the entrance of his hotel. That another person is no one else but Sahana. Kartik had already seen her once in Mumbai and this was the second time. He has a crush on her. Sahana is financially broke and finds Kartik to be a safe company. Does Kartik’s crush take form of friendship? Yes. It does. Kartik and Sahana spend awesome time in each other’s company and return to Delhi. At the Delhi Railway station, Kartik receives one of the greatest shocks of his life. He learns that Sahana is his boss, Ajit’s daughter. What does Kartik do then? Do Kartik and Sahana meet again? Has Kartik fallen in love with her or is she the only one stupid in this situation? What has destiny written in store for them?

My Take:

I had been waiting for quite a long time for the delivery of this book and when I finally received it, my mother spoilt the show. She started reading it and hence, here I am late with the review.

The story begins in a filmy way and ends up in being a mature read. The narration has been done in 3rd person narrative and is easily connectable. The witty dialogues have been Shikha Madam’s patent and she does it again. It’s really fun to read the conversations. Take a bag. Add some innocence, humor, wit, intelligence, jealousy, anger, possessiveness. The result that you get is the dialogues from Shikha Madam’s book. The flow of the story has been great. The reader will never feel lost anywhere. The chapters create curiosity and the reader will surely finish this book in one seating. Like HFTMSFH, This book too is unputdownable. Sahana and Kartik are truly adorable. I found little bits of me in them.

Logically Stupid, That’s Love taught me a few lessons.

  • There is nothing right or wrong in love. Love is a neutral.
  • Once the moment is gone, it’s gone for forever. It will never come back again. So grab it and make the most of it.
  • Love shapes you as a better individual. If not then it’s not true.
  • Heart always rules over brain. No matter how much you try to run away from heart matters, you will end up in being a slave to your heart.


  • Characters
  • Sahana and Kartik Coversations.

  • I found the story quite filmy.

Logically Stupid, That’s Love depicts modern relationships; those relationships where heart has a miniscule role to play; those relationships which are decided based on job status and financial situation. This book is for all ‘Stupid Sahana’s out there who are struggling to get their partner’s time and attention. Don’t give up. Make him realize your importance. This book is also for those ‘Logical Kartik’s. You won’t find another Sahana like from the book who would wait for you for five years. Hence, treasure your girl, pamper her and make her feel special. And most importantly, acknowledge your feelings.

I rate:

Cover: 2.5/5
Story: 4/5

I rate Logically Stupid, That’s Love with 4 stars.

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