Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Book Review- Love Forever @ Rajpath by Kalpana Mishra

Book Name: Love Forever @ Rajpath

Authoress: Kalpana Mishra

Publisher: Srishti Publishers and Distributors

Price: Rs. 195


True love can blossom anywhere, in a government set-up too, and can be permanent as the job itself.
Shalini, a government employee, strongly feels that there is no point in getting married and joining the brigade of abused wives. Till she is swept off her feet by Kartik, a dynamic colleague from Bihar.

Just when her faith in the system of love and marriage is rekindled and at its peak, Kartik goes missing. Her search for him reveals some dark secrets about Zabaria Shaadi still existing in Bihar, where eligible boys are abducted or forced for marriage.

A love story at its core, Love Forever @ Rajpath highlights the predicaments of a girl on the verge of losing her most precious relationship. It also reflects the inner turmoil of a young boy sand-wiched between age-old traditions and his own liberated opinions.

Will Shalini be able to save her relationship? Will Kartik acknowledge her efforts or will he abandon her for the sake of his family?

Story in a nutshell:

Shalini is a young girl aged 25 who has recently joined her government job. Kartik too, is a new joinee. Kartik and Shalini are introduced to each other during their induction classes. Kartik is already flattered with Shalini and her ways. Few incidents happen and days later, he realizes that he genuinely likes her.

During the same time, the new recruits are supposed to attend a course and clear the exam. Shalini is having second thoughts as she is the only girl in the entire batch of 12 students. After some persuasion from her parents and colleagues, Shalini gives in. The classes turn out to be fun. Shalini and Kartik’s friendship grows stronger.

An educational tour is organized wherein Shalini realizes her love for Kartik. Will she confess her love to him? Will their love story have a happy end? The blurb says that Kartik goes missing. Where does he go? What will Shalini do?


I was searching for some light read when this book knocked at my door. The prologue is terrific, I must say. It grew curiosity within me and I decided that I was going to finish it that day itself. I finished reading the book in 5 hours. This book is a good read. The story doesn’t have many twists and turns. It seems to be written from heart and that is why I can tag it to be a delightful read. I did not know about Zabaria Shaadi. So in a way, this book spoke to me about it. The characters are well crafted. Shalini and Kartik seem to be there for real. They are simple people like you and me. And I feel, it is the reason why the readers will feel connected to them. The narration is simple and frank.

Author has presented a simple love story in the most innocently matured way. Love Forever @ Rajpath is a good read for all romance lovers.

  • The manner in which Shalini’s parents support her is enviable.
  • I liked the way Shalini handles all difficult situations in a mature way.
  • The way in which Dheeraj helped Kartik and Shalini is really cute. (I love him for that.)

  • The story (prologue) opened up with a bang. But the further chapters failed to create that magic.

I rate:

Cover: 3/5
Story: 2.5/5

Overall, Love Forever @ Rajpath gets 3/5 stars rating from me.

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