Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I was sad until I met her


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I was sitting at the coffee shop, all dejected. I was unhappy with the way my life was getting shaped. My career graph was progressing towards the third quadrant. I had screwed all of the online jobs that I had been doing by not adhering to their deadlines. I wasn’t in good books with my parents. I had fucked up my relationship too. I was feeling suicidal. I had almost given up on me. I considered me to be a loser and that’s exactly when she happened.

I saw her reflection in the mirror. She was reading a book. Her eyes danced from one corner of the page to another in a jiffy. She was a ‘fast-reader’. The expressions on her face were worth capturing. I was mesmerized with her. I felt that I was possessed. She finished her coffee and left the shop.
I followed her. She got in to a boutique and marched towards the dress section. I did not want her to see me. I hid behind the clothes. But she caught me.

“Can you please help me select one among these?” She asked, holding a black and white colored dress.

“Of course! The Black one!”

“Black represents darkness, sadness. Life can never be so dark and dull. There is always something good happening in your life. You just fail to see it. I choose the white one!” She replied.

I stood astonished. She was herself very sure of buying the white one. She paid for her dress and left the boutique.

She entered a hotel. I sat exactly opposite to her. I ordered myself a coffee and observed her. She ordered quite a number of dishes. I was surprised to see that such petite figure could digest so much food.

She looked at me and said “It’s all in your mind. There is nothing in this world, no food and no truth, which cannot be digested. You may find it hard to accept now. But trust me, you will find it all funny in future. Enjoy life!”

She joined me and asked “Do you have extra money?”

I nodded and handed over a 500 rupee note to her. She took it and gave it to the beggar on the street.
“You should be an inspiration. In fact, you are one. Stop considering yourself as a loser.” She said and went away.

I woke up with a fright. I had been dreaming. Do you know who the girl was? It was me. Friends, you need to have a talk with yourself once in a while. See yourself as a third person and count your blessings. You will never be able to do it if you look otherwise. This talk-with-yourself session will help you for sure. Try it once! I am sure you will feel lucky, inspired and content.


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