Saturday, 16 January 2016

He is here for you.


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I hated him right from the day he entered my life. He had taken away all my happiness. I wanted to give up on him but my mother did not allow. I knew that society wouldn’t accept such an alliance right from the very beginning. But my mother was adamant.

“I do not give a damn to society and its talk. What matters to me is your well-being. I cannot risk your life for this hypocritical society.” She said.

I had no other option left than to agree with my mother’s decision. Days leapt into weeks and weeks into months. My hatred for him kept on increasing. I hated the fact that he was becoming a part of my life. I hated his very presence. I hated him for ruining my life. He had made me stand at the crossroads where both roads led to destruction and loss. On the other hand, my mother cherished his presence. She showered him with love and care. She talked to him. Yes! She loved him. She was growing away from me and was coming close to him. She was my mother. How could he snatch away my mother from me? I detested him for all his doings.

“Why is he here?” I asked her.

“He is here for you.” My mother answered.

I decided to end all of the mess created by him once for all. I was the reason for his existence. No me, no him! I took a blade and slit my wrist. As the blood flowed out from my veins, I started to drift into a land of peace. I heard my mother calling out my name. This time, I did not want to return.

The next day

“How are you feeling?” A nurse asked me.

“I am feeling lighter!” I answered with a faint smile.

“Congratulations!” She said and handed over my baby boy to me.

That little creature made me forget all the hatred that I had in my heart for him. His yawn took away all the pain. He had become dear to me in matter of few minutes.

“He is mine. How could I even think of giving up on him?” I thought. I realized that I had become a mother.

“He looks like you. Doesn’t he?”

“Mum, did you call him? What did he say? Is he coming to see me and our baby?”

“No. He is not coming. Payal, you must move on. You must think about your baby now. He is here for you. Make him your strength!”

“Yes. I should. For my baby and our future.” I said while I kissed him.


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