Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Book Review: Life is a Bitch by Asmit Rathod


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Book Name- Life is a Bitch

Author- Asmit Rathod

Publisher- Frog Books

Price- Rs. 175


Life has a nasty habit to become confusing and complicated at times. Kumar is not spared from this austerity of life either. The twists and turns of his life eventually push him to the edge. And being on the edge, Kumar is left with only two choices.

Either, Fall or Fly.

“Life is a Bitch” tells the story of Kumar’s life and the choices he makes, in the most intriguing fashion; leading towards a single inconceivable truth of his life- our lives.

Story in a nutshell-

Rajveer, a journalist from Singapore is on his way to Agra for his cousin’s wedding. He hires a car as he wants to drive himself to Agra. Unfortunately, Rajveer’s car breaks down and he seeks help from a Sardarji. Sardarji drops Rajveer to a dhaba nearby and helps him by finding Kumar to help him with his impending journey.

Kumar agrees to help Rajveer. Kumar is reserved as a person. Hence, it occurs to Rajveer that he is rude. As time passes, Kumar opens up to Rajveer and tells him about his life and how it turned out to be a bitch for him.

Rajveer’s opinion about Kumar changes with time. And he realizes that life and its struggles have made Kumar the person he is today. What is Kumar’s story? What struggles did he face?

My Take-

I received this book through Goodreads Giveaway.

The story is engaging one. The suspense about Kumar’s life keeps the reader hooked on to the book. The language is simple and easily understandable. The story ends on a positive note giving out message to the readers.

‘Life is unpredictable. God has planned your life in advance. The failures, hurt, pain and suffering are just temporary phases. There is always something wonderfully awesome waiting for you.’

  • Kumar’s success.
  • The manner in which Kumar’s parents supported him during his worse days of life.
  • Professor Gomes and his talks.

  • Excessive use of Hindi dialogues.
  • The chapters could have been named.
  • The story has been narrated in Rajveer’s and Kumar’s point of view. The readers could easily get confused with the narration. A different font type could have been used, instead.

I rate-

Cover- 2/5
Story- 3/5
Characters- 3.5/5

My overall rating for Life is a Bitch is 3/5 stars.

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