Saturday, 2 January 2016

I was raped.

He drags me over to another room. His grip on my wrist is painful. My fingers are losing their usual color. He throws me on to the floor. I quickly hold my wrist in reflex. I think I believe that holding it will help me ease the pain. I bring myself together and resort to the nearest corner. I curl up my legs. Tears are making their way from my eyes towards my legs, wetting a portion of my jeans.

“Will crying help me in any manner?” I wonder.

“Do you think you can get away from this?” He asks with a devilish grin on his face.

I swallow hard and say “No!”

He laughs loudly. His laughter is scaring me.

“I am going to have a real bad time.” I declare to myself.

“Why don’t you get started then?” He questions and moves towards me.

I try to move away only to realize that there is a wall behind me. I do not have any way to escape. I sit rooted to the ground.

“God, please save me.”  I pray. But it seems that God has turned deaf ears to my prayers.

He leaps forward and gets hold of my thigh. He caresses the entire length of it and says “You have got long legs. I would love to see them naked.”

I shift myself away from him. I see anger rising in his eyes. He slaps me hard on my face.

“So you want me to be rough and wild?” He pulls my legs and I lie flat on the floor.

“Aah!” I cry for I have hurt my head. He doesn’t seem to notice my pain. He undoes the button of my jeans and gets it down in one go.

“Lovely legs indeed!” He exclaims. I can see lust in his eyes. I am very sure that I wouldn’t be spared.

“Please do not do this to me. I am really sorry. Please Sir. Please!” I think begging to him is much better than praying to God.

“I am horny. I cannot leave you un-fucked.” He tears open my shirt.

“I am going to fuck you hard.” He says and stuffs up his handkerchief in my mouth.

He pushes himself inside me. I can feel myself tearing little by little. Tears are flowing out from my eyes and blood dripping from my private part. Is this monster ever going to stop? I am helpless. I close my eyes and surrender to the situation.

After sometime, he withdraws himself and smiles at me. Yeah! A smile of satisfaction it is!
“It was awesome. You gave me a great fuck. I did not know fucking a man can be so pleasurable. Here, keep this money! These ladies pay you. Right?” He asks.

I nod in affirmation.

“Thank you! I hope we meet soon.” He says and gets out of the room.

“Pandey, bring Kiran’s file to me. Yeah! The escort whom we had caught in the hotel we raided tonight!” I hear him say. I can hear the sound of tearing of papers. I dress myself and move out of the police station with lowered eyes.

“I was raped.” I say to myself.  

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