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Book Review- Second Spring by Sandhya Jane


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Book Name: Second Spring

Author: Sandhya Jane

Publisher: Anisan Technologies Inc.


This is Avantika’s heartfelt journey through love and life.

As a smart, successful, thirty-eight year old single mother, Avantika seemingly has it all: a great career as a seasoned banking professional, respect and admiration from her peers as an able leader, fulfillment as a mother, and so many other things.

What is it, then that drives her towards Rohan, a man six years her junior? He’s a man who ideally would not occupy much room in Avantika’s otherwise sorted mind space.

She has told herself she has no time for love. Then, why does she make the choices she makes? Is it the sameness and banality of every day existence? Is it the emotional vacuum? A need to relive life? A feeling that life as she has truly lived and felt is passing her by?

However, as she struggles with her feelings, Avantika and Rohan part ways… only to meet again. To what end? Why does Rohan want her back… and why now?

So many questions! Very few answers!

Avantika’s journey is as spiritual as it is emotional. Can love give second chances? Join Avantika in the twists and turns of her story, through her ponderings over the mysteries and vagaries of the word ‘love’, the complexities of human relationships and the reassessment of all values she has held dear….

Story in a nutshell:

Avantika is a single, working mother. She is strong-willed, determined, disciplined, intelligent, and beautiful and the list goes on. (I am in love with Avantika.) For her, life has always been hard. Circumstances have made her what she is today. She doesn’t regret her choices.

Rohan is a man in his early thirties who joins Avantika’s workplace. He is caring and adorable fellow. Avantika and Rohan’s friendship blossoms. Avantika feels very comfortable in discussing her personal issues with Rohan and so does Rohan. He has had a huge crush on Avantika right from the day he met her. Avantika too feels her connection with Rohan to be of something more than just friendship. Are they in love?

And then the ‘D’ day dawns. Rohan and Avantika cannot conceal their feelings for each other within their hearts and they give in. On the same day, Rohan receives a message from his sister which changes his life altogether. Rohan leaves Avantika and disappears from her life completely. Why did Rohan exit from Avantika’s life? How does Avantika cope up with this loss? Does Rohan come back to her? Will Avantika take him back?

My take:

When I went through the blurb of the book, I thought it would be the same old, filmy story where the characters meet, fall in love and then an incident occurs which drifts them apart and finally, they meet towards the end of the story. But I proved wrong by Sandhya Ma’am when I was done with the book. The story is one of the kinds. It’s refreshing and a mature read. Each chapter instills in the minds of reader a curiosity and that makes this book unputdownable.

The narration is simple and engaging. The story has been narrated from Avantika and Rohan’s point of view. It gives the reader an idea about feelings of both protagonists. I liked Avantika’s character. She is perfect lady. I have always wanted to be like her. She serves to be my inspiration.

  • Avantika’s dedication towards her job and family.
  • I liked the manner in which Avantika deals with her problems.
  • Avantika’s matured behavior
  • The climax

I rate:

Cover- 3.5/5

Story- 4/5

Characters- 4/5

Overall, Second Spring is a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Avantika’s journey is worth travelling. A refreshing, touching and awesome read!

I rate Second Spring with 4/5 stars.

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