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Book Review- Dream Castle by Ridzee

Book Name: Dream Castle

Publisher: Ridzee

Price: Rs. 175


Dreams are the memories of the soul. We all have a dream that makes us one in a million. No one before has ever been us, no one in centuries will ever be the way we are. Reveries, the popping bubble in our minds that comes up day in and day out. It takes courage to stick by your dreams for you have to keep up equilibrium with your passion, loved ones and society. Beware of these people who dream with open eyes, they are the ones who will cheat on their fears and doubts just to marry their dreams. Dream Castle will take you through a journey of passion, experiences, strength and assorted hues of life. Revive and relish this stimulative, rousing compilation of short stories and be inspired to hold your ground!

My take:

The Guardian Angel by Ruchi Rai
There are certain people who walk in to your life to make you feel loved, to make you feel good about yourself. When their aim/ goals are complete, they leave. This is what this story is all about.
My rating- 2.5/5 (Overall, one-time read)

The Knack of Present by Kavya Shah
The very word ‘Alzheimer’s disease’ made me feel scared. Arjun’s emotions are beautifully expressed in the story. ‘Today’ is the most valuable gift given to us by God. Make the most of it. è This is what I learnt from this one.
My rating- 3/5 (A good read)

Breeze of Love by Priyanka Bose
Breeze of Love is a love story. Life can surprise you at any times. The story more or less focuses on it. No relationship is perfect. What makes it perfect are the imperfections.
My rating- 2.5/5 (One-time read)

Esperanza by Akash Rumade
An inspiring story which gives the reader a lesson of not giving up.
My rating- 3.5/5 (Motivational)

The New Beginning by Rohit Sukhwani
How far will you go to meet your favorite actress? Rohit, an ‘aam’ guy like you and me falls in love with Deepika Padukone at first sight. This story is about his struggle and his stubbornness to make his dream come true.
My rating- 3/5 (A good read)

Dream it. Destiny will follow by Isha Sharma
Engineering and Medicine are the only career options in the eyes of most of the parents. They fail to see the interest of their child. This story tells a similar scene. A must read for parents as well as youngsters!
My rating- 3/5 (Simple story with inspiring message)

Gateway to Happyness by Swatii
One never realizes the importance of things when he has them and takes them for granted. Only when he loses it, he understands its value. Similar is the case with people who walk into your life. The story sends out a message to treasure people. You never know when they might exit your life and you have just memories and regrets.
My rating- 3.5/5 (A good read)

Reunion by Aabha Pandey
Very few people get second chances. Rahul gets one at his school reunion. Does he make most of it? Simple narration and sweet story.
My rating- 2.5/5 (One-time read)

Light in Nightmares by Vipul Dhingra
Whenever you are in darkness, always remember that there is a faint light glowing out somewhere. You will reach that place soon. I really liked the name of the protagonist- Rooh. Nice story!
My rating- 3/5 (A good read)

I wish our roads cross someday by Hemant Shardul
This story is that of teenage love. The story is basically a dream sequence which is revealed towards the end of it. I feel that it could have been presented in a better way.
My rating- 2.5/5 (One-time read)

The Bicycle Ride Moments by Aishwarya Kamath
The story reminded me of my childhood. I really liked the narration style. ‘Your life changes when you change’ è Favorite line from this story.
My rating- 3.5/5 (Awesome read)

The Fabler by Akash Rumade
The Fabler is a story of an author who is booked for plagiarism. The narration is done like an interview session. I loved the end. It was a surprising one.
My rating- 3.5/5(Awesome read)

Dreams or craziness? By Ankush Gupta
This story is inspiring one. I feel that the author could have written more about Drishti’s struggle. The title did not match the story.
My rating- 2.5/5 ( Inspiring read)

Love by chance by Manas Jomraj
Love by chance is a story of Rohan and the girl whom he met on the train. There has been excessive use of indirect speech which grows disinterest. The story doesn’t come straight to the point- the girl and the reader will wonder as to what he is reading. It seems like a desperate attempt to increase the word count of the story.
My rating- 2/5 (A good attempt)

A Mysterious Dream by Kajal Lalwani
‘Karma’ story. I do believe in karma and hence, I likied reading this one. The narration is simple and touching.
My rating- 2.5/5 ( A good read)

Gusty “She” by Aditi Srivastava
Gusty “She” is an inspiring story, no doubt. But it has a number of drawbacks. First is the confusion with tenses and second, the confusion in the flow of events.
My rating- 2/5 (Okay-ish read)

Reminiscence by Kavya Shah
Reminiscence talks about the idea of marriage before and after few years of wedded relationship. Excellent narration and awesome story.
My rating- 4/5 (A must read)

Black and Blue by Anirban Nanda
Incredible story! I loved every part of it. I prefer not going in to details. Just read this one! You wont regret reading it.
My rating- 4/5 (Awesome story)

Anecdote- An Incident of Life by Priyanka Bose
A love story! Diary entries have always been special. This story became special one too!
My rating- 2.5/5 ( A good read)

My Fairy Tale by Dishi Kriplani
Cute story with pictures. The pictures are really really cute. I loved this one too!
My rating- 3/5 ( A good read)

Overall Verdict:
  • There have been numerous occurrences where the editing suffers.
  • I felt that a few stories were completely against the theme.

I rate Dream Castle with 2.5/5 stars.

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