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Book Review- The Disguised Prince by Shankar MM

Book Name: The Disguised Prince

Author: Shankar MM

Publisher: Dream House Publications

Price: Rs. 175


“You are neither a good warrior nor a good leader.” These words haunt him.

Raksha, a young prince, decides to prove himself and seeks a path not knowing where it will lead him to. However, his destiny has other plans.

On the journey, his life evolves in to a epic quest filed with magic and intrigue, which he never dreamt of.

Set in a fantasy land of Riloriya, this water kingdom is not the same as it was five hundred years ago and its history is a mystery now.

What will be his part in unfolding an ancient mystery? What did he lose? What did he gain?

Story in a nutshell:

The Disguised Prince is the 1st book of the Raksha Duology series.

Riloriya is sub-divided in to 5 kingdoms ruled by a King. Each of the kingdoms is content with the resources available and they are at peace with each other at the moment. Raksha and Nibhav are Princes of Raniya Kingdom.

It happens that the carts of gold and diamonds need to be brought in to Raniya from the secret mines. Raksha feels it to be a great opportunity to prove his strength and courage to his father. He asks for the permission and leads the troop. The bandits learn about this operation and attacks Raksha and his army. Raksha finds himself in the jaws of death when Prince Nibhav arrives with a group of soldiers and rescues him. They return back to Raniya.

Misamun, Raksha’s father is very furious with Raksha’s irresponsible behavior. He thinks of Raksha to be unfit to be addressed as a Prince. Raksha is hurt. He pledges to become the best warrior and leaves Raniya without anybody’s knowledge.

He wanders around like a nomad and happens to save the Princess of Hasimya from the bandits. Raksha is praised for his bravery by the King of Hasimya. He is asked to introduce himself. Raksha tells the people of Hasimya that he is a wanderer. He also tells King of Hasimya that he wishes to become a warrior. Pleased with his bravery, King of Hasimya appoints him. Shikara is allotted responsibility of training Raksha.

Raksha then learns about the annual tournament and wishes to participate in the same. He expresses his desire to his teacher, Shikara who readily agrees to train him. They move out to jungle for training. Raksha encounters a weird old man. He talks to Raksha in a puzzle. Raksha decides to ignore him. They return back to Hasimya for the contest.

Does Raksha become a skilled warrior? What is the annual tournament all about? Does Raksha win it? Why does Raksha take to jungles after the contest? Raksha talks about some quest. What is it all about? Is he successful at completing it?

My take:

When any author plans to write out a series, he needs to think and craft the plot very thoughtfully. He cannot disclose anything and everything. The author of The Disguised Prince has done this task very well. He has kept certain incidents in the story secret and it generates curiosity in the minds of the readers. The reader constantly feels the need to know more at the end of every chapter.

The narration is simple and the language is easy to understand. However, I feel that a little complex narration would have enhanced the reading experience. The flow of events in the story is steady. The reader doesn’t feel lost at any place. The author has taken his own time to narrate the incidents and that’s what I liked the most. There is no hurry to finish off with the chapter.

Overall, The Disguised Prince is a good read for mythology, thrill lovers. I really liked the character of Raksha. He is brave, strong, stubborn and determined. He is not the person who will give up easily. He is intelligent and witty. The author has worked immensely hard for his debut and I would want to say that his hard work has born fruits.

I am eagerly waiting to read the second book. Do get it published soon!

I rate:

Cover- 3.5/5

Story- 3.5/5

Characters- 4/5

My rating for The Disguised Prince on the whole is 3.8/5 stars.

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  1. Waw! what an Awesome not only book but also writing in debut book.I read many book of different writer but this is simply unbelievable to appetite the thing that how can any writer can put such brilliant idea or story in such manner. Hats off Shankar. Waiting for next part.

  2. Your book is awesome .its unbelievable ,its unbelievable .waiting eagerly for second part!!!


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