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[Ask and Answer] Online Talk with Mayank Kashyap


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Mayank Kashyap, Who is he?

Quite a question to start with.
Well, Mayank Kashyap is a dreamer. I’ve a dream to personify writing one day. Mayank Kashyap is a person, who just wants to read and write entire life. I’m a foodie person though it doesn’t reflect on my body. Apart from this he is an observer and outspoken.

You are out with your debut novel. How does it feel? Had you ever expected that you would be a novelist?

I’m on cloud no.9. I keep looking at my book and sometimes I also sleep with her. Though I have no intention to make love with her but yes, I do sleep with her sometimes. I dance when I get  good reviews about my book. Basically, at this moment I’m a child once again, who is too happy with his toy to look around and find what’s going on.

I always wanted to be a novelist and yes, I was sure that before dying I will get published. But it came quickly. Jai mata di.

Love Bytes was the first anthology in which your work got published. How has your journey from a contributing author to author been?

Love bytes was an overnight affair. I was in touch with Shivam, the editor of the book for some time. One day he approached me for a short story and I was more than happy to give him one next morning. After all, my story was going to get published for the first time on papers.

In love bytes, I also got a chance to work with a very talented writer and a very good person named Divya R. Bandodkar.

It’s been quite a journey. I was motivated and disciplined. When some of the people around me were busy with their “swag”. I was busy with my diary. I wrote my entire novel in my personal diary and then on my laptop. Now, it all feels worth full.

The tough part was getting it published and I think almost every author will give their agreement on this. You induce to be patient, if you desire to become a published writer.

Tell us something more about the time you spent with ‘The Forbidden Line’. Did you craft out the entire plot at once or was it going with the flow affair?

I was living with the story. There was also a day when I woke up around 3 in the night and somehow few sequences came in my mind and I started writing then and there. I was possessed, I believe.

It needed a little more time than I intended to finish this because of my studies and exams and when it did I was glad with the end outcome.

Yes, I did plot the entire story at once or atleast this was what I thought that time.
The time I finished the final draft I realized a lot has been changed for good. Every time you write a fresh draft it changes a bit.

Who is your favourite character from your novel? And why?

Virat, Manya, Saurav, Pulkit and every other character are crafted by me. They all are mine, so it’s difficult to choose. It’s like asking a god to choose his favourite creation. Wow! I just declared myself as a god.

But If I have to pick one I would go with Virat because he believes in everything I believe in.

Is “Romance/Love” your genre? Your story in love Bytes is also a tale of love. Have you experimented with your genre?

My story in Love Bytes is a tale of love because it was the theme of the book.

However, In The Forbidden Line I have strained to cover a love story, a story of brotherhood, a social drama and a tale of redemption. My record is a mix of various emotions which will make you smile in one page and will ram you to cry in the succeeding.

I believe if I stick to one genre, it would be a murder of creativity. A writer must not be afraid to come to different themes. 

Did you face any rejections before?

A lot.

There are many anthologies out for sale in the market. What is your take on anthologies?

The anthology is a “good business”. Most of the publishers charge for anthologies and with that they recover money.  A young writer gets a platform and exposer. But to be honest anthologies has no market.
Only the writes, their friend and family buys a copy.

Are you working on your second novel? If yes, throw some light on it.

Yes, something is storming in my mind. Soon, I will start writing it.

I can’t reveal much, but yes, what I can say is that it is founded on a devil not a ghost but a human monster.

I have known that you are into book reviewing. According to you, how important are book reviews?

Book reviewing is a very crucial part for any book promotions. It doesn’t only spread the words about the book and also creates visibility. I have been reviewing books from the past 3-4 years and that time I don’t believe there were a lot of book reviewer but now there are a lot of book reviewers and a small part of them are reviewing books to get a free copy. In the process they collect a lot of books and hence there are delays in reviews.

Choose a book reviewer who not only post review on their blog but also on facebook, goodreads, amazon and flipkart but never ignore book reviewing. It’s essential, really important. Giving away one free book to a good reviewer will get you atleast 500 visibilities. It's such a good deal.

Enough of book talks! Tell us what you do during your leisure time? What are your hobbies?1

Leisure time is the biggest luxury for me these days. I seldom get it these days but no matter how tight my schedule is I manage to spare time to read novels. I’m a soul who enjoys reading and collecting novels. Aside from that I do love music and watching football. If my stars are very good and I get a lot of free time I prefer to travel and see different places.

I ask you to describe yourself in 5 words, what will they be?

1) Observer
2) Foodie
3) Voracious reader
4) Devotee
5) Outspoken  

Is there anything you would like to tell your readers?

I would like to thank everyone who bought my book. I'm grateful to them for their support.

I would urge every one of you to start standing for the things you believe in. There is a hero inside every one of us, try to find him and spread love beyond limits. 

It's been nice talking to you. I hope we have a similar session with your next novel.

The Pleasure was all mine. Thank you.

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