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Review : Hey Dad! Meet My Mom!


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Hey Dad! Meet My Mom! By Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agrawal

Publisher: Gargi Publisher.

The story is one of a kind. It’s indeed the one that is Never Heard Before!
After reading a few chapters, I , for a moment, thought that  it would be a story where in the guy dumps the girl when he realised that she is pregnant. But NO! This story is nothing like that. Each chapter unfolds a secret or ends with a question  and it is this secret and those questions that forces you to turn the pages. The humor presented in this story is awesome.  The short poems in the beginning of the chapters inculcates interest in the minds of the readers.

Now the characters:
Puneet is an awesome guy. It’s hard to find guys like Puneet these days. He did not give up on his love for Roshni. Puneet made me believe that true love never dies.
Myra is a chatterbox. She is sweet. I loved the way she handled her relationship with Puneet in the hospital at Ahmedabad, towards the end of the story. She taught me that no matter what the situation is, being there for your partner is the most important aspect of a relationship.
Roshni is surely the girl of many guy’s dreams. She is awesome. She is a responsible, matured girl. She is the perfect  marriage material. ‘Being strong and responsible’ is what she taught me.
Rishi is really really cute. He is a darling. His innocence and his actions carried me to my childhood. He is the life of this story.

I loved the following the most.
1.       The part where Rishi introduces himself and Puneet gets terrified  to the core.
2.       The incident at the shoe store.
3.       The ‘watch’ incident.
4.       Laughing Buddha – the moment appeared very sweet to me.
5.       A proposal with an apology.
6.       Puneet meets Roshni for the first time and their talk.
7.       Roshni’s diary.
8.       BIBA Fashion Week.

In short, I can sum up this novel as:

My ratings for the book – 4.5/5

Wanna Know what I am talking about?

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