Friday, 29 May 2015

The Lady In White Saree


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This story dates back to the times when there were no clocks in the houses. People would rely upon roosters in order to welcome the morning. This story was narrated to me by my grandfather.

My grandfather and his friends would go for a morning walk every day. However, the time they chose for the walk was quite unusual, 3:30 in the morning! As there were no alarm clocks, he would tie a string to his toe and pass it out through the window. His friend would come and pull the string. He would wake up then. This practice would have been continued until that day when something unexpected occurred.

As usual my grandpa and his friends marched for their morning walk. Ponda (my hometown), at that time was very much undeveloped. There were hardly any houses on the way between bus stand and market. The distance is almost 1 km. The place was densely populated with trees. The moment my grandpa reached the place where a superstore resides today (almost half way between market and bus stand), he saw some white figure crossing the road.

“Who could it be?” He wondered.

The entire episode of road crossing occurred again, as if it was being replayed. This time, he noticed that it was a lady. She was wearing a white saree and she was pregnant.

You will not believe me if you read further, but it’s a fact. She climbed the coconut tree in just three steps. My grandpa was dumb-founded. She looked at him from over the coconut tree. She had big black eyes. One could see the anger that was pouring out from them. She had red lips which then curved in to a smile. My grandpa froze at that place. Her mere sight was enough to scare shit out of him. Looking at my grandpa’s health, all his friends brought him home. My grandpa vowed not to go for morning walks ever.

Even today, as he recalls this experience, he gets goose bumps all over his body!

This is a true story. Non-believers, please excuse!  


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