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Review : Urban Love ~ Give A Chance to Life By Akshay Chitre


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Review of Urban Love ~ Give A Chance to Life By Akshay Chitre

Publisher : Notion Press.

What did i feel about the book?

The story revolves around three girls- Priya, Meghna and Anusha. They meet at the gym and then set off on a never-ending journey of friendship.

Anusha is the kind of daughter every parent would want and a love every lover would wish for. For her, every single thing in life ultimately seeks for her parent's happiness. She sacrifices her love for Vikram and decides to marry a guy of her father's choice. She wishes to work, to be independent. But her father does not entertain her idea and she gives it up for some period of time. I learnt from Anusha and her relationship with her parents that no matter how strict and stubborn your parents are with you, they always have a softer side. Their happiness lies only in ours!

Meghna- the tough girl! She has had a horrid past. What would you do if your plea to break off and unsuccessful and troublesome marriage is not considered? What would you do if you are punished for no reason by your in-laws and your husband? What would you do if you are raped every night? What would you do if your parents disown you after your marriage? Flee off the place. Isn't it? That's what exactly Meghna does and comes to Mumbai in hope of a better life and better future. 'Does she emerge successful?' is what Meghna's part all about. She has many one- night stands. She does not believe in relationships. Meghna's story is one where a stone-hearted girl falls in love with Jay. Meghna taught me to be courageous. She fought her parents, the society and saved herself from domestic torture. No girl should suffer. I respect her decision. But I do not think there was a need for her to indulge in one-night stands.

Priya exhibits dual behavior in her life- one of an obedient girl who listens to her parents' advice and other a spoilt girl who goes clubbing every weekend. 'Why am I still single?' is the question that arises in the minds of many youngsters. And to change their relationship status, they give in to a relationship-  relationship where no love exists, no care- in short a relationship that gives you a 'committed' tag. A similar thing happens with Priya and she commits herself to a loveless relationship with Anuj. Her life turns upside down when she meets Raj. Will she breakup with Anuj and have a successful relationship with Raj? Priya taught me that love is very much essential for any relationship. Loveless relationships do not go for long run. Avoiding a breakup for the fear of hurting someone does no good.

The guys in the story appear to be perfect. I wonder whether such types really exist in today's world!

The narration of the story is simple and sweet. Urban Love is a good catch for those who loves reading love stories. The story makes you emotional, it makes you angry. It makes you feel attached to the chracters. It is an example of perfect friendship.

What I did not like about the story?
·         The story could have been divided in to more chapters.
·         Meghna's frequent one-night stands.
·         Anuj's possessive behavior - the manner in which he screws up Priya's relationship with Raj.
·         The scene where Vikram comes to stop Anusha from getting married. It appeared quite filmy.

I rate:
Cover- 3.5/5.
Characters- 3.5/5.
Story- 4/5.

My rating for the novel, on the whole - 4/5.

You can buy the book  here!


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