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Two Angels by Nivedita Vedurla - Book Review

two angels novel

Book Name- Two Angels 

Authoress- Nivedita Vedurla 

Publisher- Invincible Publishers 


Do you know the love story that the sea shares with the sea shore? The mighty sea travels with his companions; boats, sailors and the sea creatures together visit many destinations. When he gets tired from all his travels, he comes to the sea shore, and crashes down onto her, surrendering everything that he has. The sea shore keeps her arms wide open when he reaches for her, to soothe his tired body and take away his pain. The moment he is relieved of his pain, he longs to go back, and the seashore lets him go. The love that Arun and Esha share is just like that between the sea and the sea shore. Their relationship is short and leaves Arun devastated. Could he have found love only to lose it all to fate? Will he survive the loss? The answers take him back to Esha, and to the realization that love comes in many forms. This story is a journey to love through friendship, from loss to hope.


'Two Angels' - the story is as simple and innocent as its name. The story is about Arun and the love of his life, Esha. They meet each other at school and soon, turn out to be best friends. It is during this time they fall in love only to realise it later.You never know you are in love until the time that person goes away from you. A similar thing happens with Arun and Esha and they realise their immense love for each other. They get married after facing a zillion hurdles. Life is strange. It knocks you down when you least expect it. What incident happens which knocks Arun down? Does he come out of it? 

The simplicity and innocence of this story touched my heart. The story is presented in a simple way, without any twists and turns, without any masala. It appears as if the author has written it all by her heart. There's a personal touch to every word that has been written. You'll be overwhelmed with emotions by the time you reach the end of this story. 

The language is simple and so is the narration. The story has been crafted well. It teaches you many things about love and life through the protagonists. 

Two Angels is a good treat for romance lovers. 

I rate 
Cover: 3/5 
Characters: 3/5 
Story: 3/5 

My overall rating for 'Two Angels' is 3/5 stars.

You can book your copies on Amazon.

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