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She was the story ~ of my untold story by Yashvardhan Awasthi -- Book Review

Book Name- She was the story ~ of my untold story

Author- Yashvardhan Awasthi

Publisher- Invincible Publishers


"Don't give up. It is going to hurt but if you give up now, it is going to hurt forever!"
This story is about RV, who started his career as a novelist but found his calling as an actor along the way, finally becoming a superstar within a short period of time. He is odd, arrogant and alcoholic. Some people think that he has an ego problem while the others are curious about his past. What has his past really been like? No one knows. Find out who RV actually is. Where did he come from? What is his secret? 'She Was The Story' is an inspirational love story, presenting a subtle critique on the ills of society that we have learned to live with. Is love worth fighting for till the end? Is death the greatest loss? Come find out in between the pages of this book.


'She was the story' is a romantic tale of an author turned actor. I found the story to be quite common and predictive. I could guess what the next page would bring in for me. And I guess, this is the reason why I did not really enjoy reading this book. 

The characters aren't many. And I believe justice has been done to each character. They have contributed significant enough to this story. The narration is done in first person narrative. The language is simple. Both the language as well as the narration has been done well. However, the use of Hindi at many places seemed to turn me off. My trance was broken and reading seemed a little bit difficult. 

'She was the story' is overall, a one-time read. 

I rate- 
Cover- 3/5 
Characters- 3/5 
Story- 2/5 

My overall rating for this novel is 2.5/5 stars.

You can book your copies on Amazon.

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