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Wants and Desires by Chitrangada Mukherjee - Book Review

Wants and Desires - Book Cover

"A gripping thriller. Wants and Desires will keep you hooked on to it until the end."

Book Name: Wants and Desires 

Authoress: Chitrangada Mukherjee 

Price: Rs. 101 


Sukanto Bhattacharjee, sole heir of the wealthy Bhattacharjee family, dies a few days before his 35th birthday. Leaving behind a shocked mother, hapless wife, tormented friend and a paranoid paramour. Sukanto wasn’t brutally murdered. On the contrary, he was found dead in his study, sleeping peacefully. His autopsy report, too, indicates organ failure. And yet, the about-to- retire Superintendent of Police, Mr Roy, is not convinced. Because of an intriguing letter, written by Sukanto, on his dying day and placed carefully under his favourite crystal jug. Confused, SP Roy decides on calling in the mysterious forensic psychiatrist -- Atanu to help. As Atanu enters Bhattacharjee Bari and gets talking to its peculiar and complex residents, unnerving secrets are revealed, making it clear that reckless wants and unfulfilled desires can be a potent cause for murder. 

Story in a nutshell: 

Sukanto is found dead in his study. He has left a letter behind. The letter proves that it is a suicide. His mother, his wife, his girlfriend and his friends are all shocked with his sudden departure. There is another angle to this story. The police suspect Sukanto's death to be a murder. They talk to every person Sukanto was related to in order to find any clue. They do this through Atanu, Sukanto's childhood friend and a RAW scientist. Are the police successful in finding the murderer? Was it a murder in first place? 


Have you ever closed the book midway during reading and closed your eyes to absorb what is happening in the book? Well, 'Wants and Desires' did the same to me. There were many incidents in the book which made me wonder what the story is going to me. The more I tried to deduce an end, the farther it went. The more I tried to solve the mystery, the more I found myself confused. The book has the power to leave you wanting for more.

The story is a psychological thriller. It will keep you on the edge. This perfect plot has been crafted thoughtfully. The narration is in third person. The language is simple and is easy to comprehend. There have been occurences of a few new words here and there. And that makes me say that the book is rich in vocabulary. The authoress' matured way of writing made this book an engaging read. The talks of the characters seemed to gell well with the situations. There weren't any loose ends. There is mystery, love, hatred, jealousy and longing in this story. The characters have been rightly sketched. Each has a story. Each tells a story. Wants and Desires is a story within a story. You will want to finish this story in one sitting. 

I would like to mention the authoress' dedication here. She dedicates the book to all those people who are fighting mental ailments alone. When I read this, I was sure that I was going to have an awesome read. 

I rate:
Cover: 3/5
Characters: 4/5
Story: 4/5

I rate 'Wants and Desires' with 4/5 stars.

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