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Life and the Grey Notes by Mayank S. Sengar - Book Review

Life and the Grey Notes - Book Cover

 "The stories of this collection will make you think. An inspiring collection indeed!"

Book Name: Life and the Grey Notes 

Author: Mayank S. Sengar 

Publisher: Zorba Books 


The collection of short stories in English, Life and the Grey Notes, brings home the simple truths of human nature, the essential human ingredients. The author has you reflecting, smiling, as you relate intimately to the characters and situations that people these stories. From the inescapable dilemma of a tea stall owner caught in the mesh of societal hypocrisy, to the inherent tendency to presume and judge that lurks within each one of us, the cherished place we accord to individual faith and the element of divinity, the intricately entwined threads of emotion in the Indian ethos can all be derived from this collection of experiences in the form of a book. The turning point in some stories where the protagonist emerges as a hero or confronts his own inevitable human frailties will warm many a heart, cutting across reader demographics such as age, geography and language. Suitable read right from a teenager to a young adult to an adult. Heartwarming, thought-provoking, explores human relationships and human psychology yet light and humorous, this short stories collection makes for an ideal quick read with your leisurely cuppa chai..... 


'Life and the Grey Notes' is a short story collection consisting of 10 short stories. Each story is unique in its own ways. Each story focuses on a trait that helps a person be a better individual. The author talks about these traits with respect to a story. He presents his lessons in the form of these stories. He doesnt give out any advice or a concluding statement. He makes you ponder over what you've been doing in the past. He makes you think whether what you were doing was right or wrong. He doesn't ask you to change your ways instead asks you to question yourself. 

The narration of these stories is mostly done in third person narrative. The simple and fluent language is one of the plus points. 

My favorites from the collection are:
  • The story - Inside Bermuda Triangle talks about the state of confusion that happens with most of us. It is that conscious and timely thinking which helps us take a decision.
  • The second story of the collection - The Evening Calls tells us the value of life. You never know when is the last time you are talking to a person. It tells us to value our relationships.
  • The Golden Fear helps us counter our fear.
I rate:
Cover: 3/5
Stories: 3/5 

I rate 'Life and the Grey Notes' with 3/5 stars.

You can buy your copies of this inspiring collection from Amazon.

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