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In Search of a Soulmate by Swapna Rajput - Book Review

In search of a soulmate - Book Cover

In search of a soulmate is a good read for all romance lovers out there. It is rich in emotions.

Book Name: In search of a Soulmate 

Authoress: Swapna Rajput 

Publisher: Invincible Publishers 


'Soulmates Forever' is mostly narrated by attractive chap Sandy (Sandeep), who's life is full of fun ever since his childhood with his family, short time girlfriends and eight best buddies Mansi, Shaun, Preeti, Sumit, Shreya, Aarzoo, Mandar and Gaurav. Story starts from his grand wedding and moves around with present and flashback scenarios. Things changes so dramatically in Sandy's life that he marries his best friend. Once a playboy, slowly realises his wife is his soulmate but he couldn't express his love because of the mistake he has done in her life, he does everything to win her heart back. He is the most affectionate person with all the love filled in his heart for everyone. I am sure after reading his story every girl would wish a man like him. His friends are darlings, who always back him up. Every character has an interesting story and all are emotionally attached with each other and you will fall in love with every character especially Dadi, who is adorable. Novel has everything from childhood, school fun, picnics, tours, teenage love, and romance to grand weddings and not to forget social massages. Simultaneously, various love stories are running at a same time creates curiosity in every page that no one will get bored anywhere. Lots and lots of romance will thrill your sensation, as it has special love stories which are rare to find in Indian novels or movies. Enjoy reading a complete romantic comedy! 


'In search of a soulmate' - the title seems very mature and deep. I was carried away with the title and the book cover which is so attractive. The book cover gives you an overall idea about what the story would be. The blurb is interesting but is exceptionally lengthy. I believe a short and crisp blurb would have been much better. The blurb lets out details about the story which kind of, puts the reader off track. 

Coming to the story, it starts with a marriage scene which then moves into past and then, drives in to present. The story is about Sandeep and his wife, Mansi. It is a story of their marriage. The childhood besties turned a couple during school days. Childhood is all about crushes and puppy love. Young girls and boys fail to understand love and end up hurting each other. Similar thing happens with Sandeep and Mansi. But destiny gives them another chance to be together. 

The narration is in first person narrative, from Sandeep's point of view. The language is simple. The frank narration will make you feel that you're a part of the story. The flow of the incidents is smooth. The pace of the story, however, gets real fast at a few places. A few incidents seemed out of the place as well. But they didn't affect the overall reading experience. 

The characters are many. Each character has a fair part to play. Their role in each other's lives and the way they stand for each other will envy you. You ask yourself whether such friendships exist in real world. The story of each character is a lesson in itself. You will feel sympathy and love for all the characters. 

On the whole, In Search of a Soulmate will keep you engaged on to it. The emotions of the characters are portrayed very well. It is because of these emotions that this book will create a place in your heart. 

I rate:
Cover: 3.5/5
Characters: 3/5
Story: 3/5 

I rate 'In search of a soulmate' with 3.5/5 stars.

You can buy your copies on Amazon.

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