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Review - Boltu by Debaprasad Mukherjee

Boltu - Cover Page

Book Name: Boltu

Author: Debaprasad Mukherjee

Publisher: Petals Publishers and Distributers

Price: Rs. 275

"So you don't like mysteries. Isn't it?" Fotu-Babu was outrageous all of a sudden. "Then listen to it straightaway you son-of -a-bitch. You are not my son. You are the product of a heinous act of your mother and what a whore she is!" Boltu felt his body going limp.

Boltu was in his late teens when he discovered this rancorous truth of his life. By that time, he had already been an antisocial, an outlaw and had been in bad company; but there was a subtle difference -  he was a dreamer, he was a tender lover, he could sing and he had a true friend in Madhab. He wished to do something worthwhile; yet he lacked direction. Would Boltu keep drifting aimlessly? Or would he find his destination? Whether the destination would be worth its salt?

Story in a nutshell: 
Boltu is a story of a young boy in his twenties. They say the character and behaviour of a person is known by the company he keeps. Boltu gets himself involved with wrong people and ruins his life. He indulges himself in pick-pocketing and thievery.

Boltu realises about his sinfull existence from his father one fine day. He gets disturbed at the very thought of being a bastard. He wonders whether Poly would accept him after knowing his story. He leaves his home in anger and chalks out a theft along with his friends. Everything happens according to their plan until the owner of the house gets sick. No matter how hard Boltu tries; he couldn't move away from the place leaving the man in the faws of death. He attends to him and his life changes for good. What good does life offer him? Does Poly accept him? Does Boltu find a meaning to his life?
Review: The simplicity of this story touches the readers heart. You pick up the book to read and the very next moment Boltu finds a place in your heart. He is portrayed as a bad person in the beginning but there is some innocense in him which makes you feel compassion for Boltu.

Simple and engaging, third person narration, well crafted plot and perfect characterisation makes Boltu an awesome read. You feel connected to the characters. The story of Boltu is that of a common boy and it steals your heart.

Some of the lessons which Boltu and his story teaches you are:-
  • Your current situation is a temporary one. Your past must never define you and your future must never scare you.
  • There is nothing called courage. It is rightly said that courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.
  • Letting go never means you don't love the person anymore. It means you love them enough not to see them suffer.
  • Life is about 2 D's -Determination and Dedication

I rate:

Cover: 3/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Story: 3.5/5

Overall, I rate Boltu with 4/5 stars.

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