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Book Name- Love Story? Seriously! by Shivi Pandey

Book Name: Love Story? Seriously!
Author: Shivi Pandey
Publisher: Petals Publishers and Distributors
Price: Rs. 175

The sanguine sun is just preparing to slumber and the filtered glare from it striking the scene makes it more alluring. The flock of birds are moving together in a V shaped structure and it looks as if they are returning to their home after a tedious day's hard work. The fact that they are  all together in every aspect of life brings strength and calmness to my dilapidating heart. It is even more mesmerizing to find the three best people of my life beside me.
SAMAR: The epitome of the story, takes you on an amazing voyage of his life. He recalls his friends and all his unsuccessful love interests - Sapna, Samriddhi and Sapna.
What happens when you fall in love? What happens when you fall out of it? What happens when you are unwanted? What happens when you are cheated and still coined a cheater? Can there be a reason to not like someone? Can there always be a reason to like someone? Explore answers to all these questions along with Samar on his journey in search of true love.
It brings you, yet another unconventional love story of all times. The author intends to bring about the fact that can this also be a love story and leaves the readers to decide enquiring them Love Story? Seriously!

Story in a nutshell:
Love Story? Seriously! is the story of Samar and his love interests. It travels through his childhood to his adulthood, from his school to his college and ultimately his work place. Samar meets his first love interest, Sapna in his school days. Does his budding friendship with Sapna take the form of love? What does Samar learn from his schooling? Enter Samriddhi- the girl who ruled Samar's heart during his college days. Samar falls in head over heels in love with her only to be rejected at the end. How does Samar deal with the heartbreak? When does Surbhi enter the picture? What is their story?
Towards the end of this story, Samar talks about Shrija. Who is she? How is she related to Samar's life?

The title 'Love Story? Seriously!' is intriguing and will urge the readers to pick up this book. The cover of the book is in shades of grey and red which again, steals the attention. However, I feel that the blurb of the book was exceptionally long. It could have been cut down.
Coming to the story, it is being told in 1st person narrative. There are instances where the narration is next to perfect while there are many places where the narration suffered the most. The characters are well-sketched. Samar seems to be very emotional as a person. I wonder if such guys exist in the real world. The girls have been portrayed to be stone-hearted. The first part of the book (the part before Samar's marriage) reminds me of the movie- Pyar ka Punchnama. I personally found this part to be really boring.
The second part is a show stealer. The bppk actually gains momentum in the second part. The suspense, excitement and thrill in the second part is making this book worth a read. However, I am thoroughly disappointed with the end.
'Love Story? Seriously!' is overall, a one-time read. It has everything from like to love, from anger to jealousy, from being depressed to being strong, from realisations to regret.

The editing suffers at many places. Proper editing will enhance the reading experience.
There have been many occurances where capitals are used. They could have been avoided.

I rate:
Cover: 2.5/5
Characters: 2.5/5
Story: 2/5
My overall rating for 'Love Story? Seriously!' is 2.5/5 stars.

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