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Hindola by Ranganath Srinivasa - Book Review

hindola book, musical love story

Book Name- Hindola 

Author- Ranganath Srinivasa 

Publisher- Invincible Publishers 

So, here I was in this family with a loving husband who had absolutely no time for his wife. The sea was my only soul mate. I could sit there on the beach gazing at the sky in the evenings waiting for the sun to set into the ocean. When the sun disappeared, my emotions would slowly melt and evaporate making me aware of the ground realities. "Hey. Be careful. You are a married man with two children. I am a married woman just recovering from the loss of my son after a depression. To be honest, I did get such feelings with you. But I have controlled my emotions." 

Story in a nutshell- 
Hindola, just as its name, is a unique love story. Most of us might not be knowing but hindola is a kind of raag. When one talks about love, music follows. Love is often attributed to music. This love story too is centered around music. 

The story begins with an incident where an author has come to a village to find inspiration for his novel. He finds inspiration in a lady which then takes the form of love. Hindola is their journey of love. Hindola is the lady's journey of becoming a singer. I found the story very matured and loved reading it. The story is realistic. There are no sugar coated incidences. It's plain and simple. It is this simplicity of the story which made a place in my heart. 

The characters aren't too many. The author has portrayed the characters as strong and dedicated. I believe that enough justice has been done with the characters. Each character has a fair role to play in the story. 

The narration and language is simple and engaging. You are hooked on to the story. However, there are some instances where the story gets boring. But it's just a part. I also found a few grammatical errors here and there. They can be rectified in the next edition. 

Hindola is a matured love story and teaches you simple yet important lessons. It tells you that your love for your partner should be selfless. It tells you that every end is a new beginning and it should be taken positively. 

Hindola is a matured read. The book won't disappoint you. 

I rate- 
Cover- 2.5/5 
Characters- 4/5 
Story- 4/5 

My overall rating for Hindola is 3.5/5 stars.

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  1. As the author of this book I am extremely grateful to Divya for this review.
    I liked the caption Musings of a vivacious Heart


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