Saturday, 25 February 2017

Book Review: Lost In Red Mist by Sandeep Dahiya

Lost In Red Mist - Book Cover

Book Name: Lost In Red Mist 

Author: Sandeep Dahiya 
Publisher: Invincible Publishers 

Price: Rs. 160 


A courtesan fighting for respectable identity among wars and intrigues. A raped foreign tourist picking up the fragments of her violated self to redeem her pride. A helpless pawn in sex trade regaining herself back to begin a new life. The red mist of Kashmir eating away the little worlds of common hopes, dreams, and aspirations. A huge man lifting unthinkable weights for a living, only to be crushed finally. Someone gathering the nameless pieces of his scattered life on a platform. An Australian anthropologist in Andaman and the sole surviving Shompen tribal. A boy taking the onerous task of looking after his still smaller sister. His dreams which grow in disproportion to his circumstances are as good as nightmares. An old man, staying alone with a cat, patching up the holes in his present through tales. A Western tourist at Rishikesh opening her spirits while a whole world drags around her feet. 


I didn't have a good impression about this book when I looked at the cover. It didn't appeal to me. But as they say 'Never judge a book by its cover.' I regret being so judgemental about the book. Lost In Red Mist - the title is intriguing. The stories in this collection are unique. They are of the kind that makes you think. The writing style of the author is very matured. The stories have been plotted well taking all aspects into consideration. The stories are rich in vocabulary. The stories fall in the descriptive category. There aren't many dialogues. This is the only thing that I didnt like about this book. Reading big paragraphs can be boring. And I feel that those big paragraphs could have been broken down into small ones. On the whole, Lost In Red Mist will serve a good read when you're doing a long distance travel. 

I rate:
Cover: 2.5/5
Stories: 3.5/5 

I rate 'Lost In Red Mist' with 3.5/5 stars.

This book is available on Amazon.

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