Saturday, 25 February 2017

Book Review : The Great Indian Righter by Babloo Wanaby

The Great Indian Righter - Book Cover

Book Name: The Great Indian Righter
Author: Babloo Wanaby
Price: Rs. 49

I am the Great Indian Righter and I am pleased to inform you that I am another entrant contributing to the plethora of useful and profound fiction that is being churned by so many talented Indian writers who have taken the bowels out of the vowels.

Now that everyone seems to have pandered to this molestation of the language, I take delight in telling you that my book titled, "I HAD TOO MANY LOVE STORIES: NOW I AM DECLARED MENTAL IN 2 STATES" is already a self-proclaimed internationally national best seller.

With every Tom’s Dick Hurriedly writing a book, I too was seized with inspiration to share the story of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my hurt for reading intense story written using all queen’s language stored in my cerebrum rectum. 
The Great Indian Righter

Story in a nutshell:
The Great Indian Righter feels that Indian Literature is heading nowhere. With writers like Churan Bhogal and Robin Singh have turned Indian literature into a mess. The Great Indian Righter wishes to put forth his point of view. 

The Great Indian Righter - the title seems as interesting as the blurb. You'll begin to wonder why the book title has 'Righter' and not 'Writer'. The prologue of the book creates an interest in the minds of the readers and you'll certainly be wanting to read more. Smile will be glued onto your face during the entire reading session. You'll laugh hard at some places while giggle at a few. The author has done a really commendable job. He has done justice with all the characters of the book. The narration is done exceptionally well with sarcasm and witty dialogues throughout. You'll enjoy this book as much as any comedy show. It's a must read.

I rate:
Cover: 3/5
Characters: 4/5
Story: 5/5

I rate 'The Great Indian Righter' with 5/5 stars.

You can buy this amazing book on Amazon.

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