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Review : Love will find its way.. by Ashish Ranjan

Book Name: Love... will find its way?

Author: Ashish Ranjan

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

Price: Rs. 175


Luv is an innocent child from a lower middle class Indian family.

As he grows older, his feelings shuttle between love and lust. Unaware about his problems, that their son is passing through, his parents continue exerting pressure on him to excel in academics.

Incognizant of the cons of love, he falls in love with a girl in his initial school days inviting problems. His mind and heart are in constant battle. The heroine does not understand his feelings and falls in love with someone else.

Coherent pressure of studies continues from his parents. He introspects of he should succumb or commit suicide. Will that girl realize his love before it is too late? Will he value relationships or career more? Will his parents guide him as a friend?

Will the love of Luv find its way?

This story makes you think about your past and its own craziness.

It’s a story not just for youths, but also for Indian parents.

My Review:

Boy sees a girl- unknowingly falls in love with her- befriends her- confuses his true feelings with lust- girl falls in love with boy’s best friend- their love blooms- time crawls-girl and her boy friend break up- time for boy to score his love back- an incident occurs- three lives destroyed.
The story revolves between 3 characters- Luv, Amrita and Rohan.

The story line of Love… will find its way?  Is very much predictable. It’s the same old story of love, lust, friendship and failures. The story begins with introduction to sex and it runs throughout the ppages in small proportions until the 5th chapter. The, arrives the major twist in the story- Amrita falls for Rohan, Luv’s best friend.

Luv is heartbroken. He hails from middle class family. His parents expect him to score excellent marks and have a successful career. He is in dual state of mind. He needs to choose between Amrita and his parents. He chooses his parents and marches on his journey to become successful (Probably the only good part of the story). Amrita’s and Rohan’s relationship always goes through a rough time.  Rohan’s untimely death ruins everything and Luv’s common friends blame him and Amrita for the accident. These guys are 21 year olds and still have no sense of judgement. They are plotting to take a revenge. Amrita enters Luv’s life once again. Does she stay? Time to find out.

The story offers nothing new but sex, blue films and Amrita. It seems as if Luv is obsessed with sex and girls. And the strange fact is that he carries it with him right from class 1! I am surprised to read about it. You will surely find ‘The clock ticked’ almost everywhere. Rohan’s and Luv’s journey of friendship is suddenly brought out of nowhere at the time of his death. The transition from past to present here is also not done properly. You keep reading until the very end only to know that Amrita marries some other guy.

The blurb of the novel appeared very promising. But it’s sad to say that the story did not meet my expectations at all.

I rate:

Cover: 3.5/5

Story: 2/5

Characters: 2/5

My overall rating for this book is 2/5.

You can buy this book online. Click here!

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