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It's got to be love by Prashant Kaul - Book Review

It's got to be love - Book Cover

Book Name - It's got to be love

Author - Prashant Kaul

Publisher - Notion Press

Blurb -

Meet Dev Sharma, a young student, who has a unique ability – he has nightmares that unfortunately come true. 

It’s Got to Be Love weaves around Dev and his friend Vikram. Dev is initially smitten with Carol, a college girl, but due to various reasons, they part ways. He meets Vaani through Facebook and a steady friendship develops between them, which soon blossoms into love. However, Vaani turns down Dev, for reasons known only to her.

Will Dev win back his love?

Will Carol come into his life again?

Join Dev on his emotional roller-coaster ride in Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai.

Review -

A cute, innocent love story – that is what I felt about this book. This story is about Dev, a young boy in his college pursuing his MBA. Teenage is the age of having crushes and being infatuated. We tend to think ‘like’ to be ‘love’. Dev is obsessed with Carol. He loves her dearly and she breaks his heart every time. Dev’s friends are always supportive. One of his friend, Vaani has been with him through thick and thin. Dev feels a strong connection with Vaani. But does he know that he has fallen for her? Does he admit his feelings and confess his love for her? Will their love story have a happy end considering the fact that Carol has madly fallen in love with Dev?

Generally, I do not go to read college romances but the blurb of this book caught my attention. I started reading the book in the morning and by the evening time, I was done with reading. It is an engrossing read. An innocent love story that will leave you teary-eyed!

This story is an innocent tale of love. It is being narrated in first person narrative. The language is simple and the narration is great. It is this simple narration and language (and of course, the story) that keeps the reader engaged in this tale. The author has plotted the story well. The incidents have been placed well and the continuity exists. You will not end up thinking what is happening in the story at any point of time. The pace of the story gets slow at times and then gradually picks up the speed.

Unique things about this book-
- The moment you start reading this story, you will start to assume the plot and believe in it. But as you read further, the book will surprise you and leave you overwhelmed with emotions.
- Some of us are blessed with certain abilities. People generally refer this as sixth sense. A few can predict what is going to happen, while a few dream about certain things which come true at some point in time. Dev is blessed with such an ability. He can see incidents happening in his dream which in turn come true. Call this to be a boon or a bane, Dev cannot escape it.
- The emotions are very well portrayed. The book will make you laugh at places while leave you teary-eyed at few others.

This book is a must read for all romance lovers. I rate it with 4/5 stars.

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