Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Wild Cat by Taanya Sarma – Book Review

Book Name – The Wild Cat

Authoress – Taanya Sarma

Publisher – Invincible Publishers

Blurb –

Based on true events, this erotic thriller novel tells the tale of a young, naive woman named Tanya who enters the online dating and chat world. Her first foray into this digital realm initially proves to be bland and disappointing; however, sex, suspense, power struggles and attempted murder soon unfold. These unwelcome adventures interfere with her business and her sanity as she aspires to live up to her deceased parent's standards. A conman named Sam ensnares Aaron, a handsome investment banker, into his ploy and uses him as a pawn to lure women into doing things they normally wouldn't do. Sam then exposes their personal information as well as their images, sometimes in the act of cyber sex, and posts them on a very successful porn website that he owns. Tanya's encounter with these two men evolves into a long, winding road, with each turn bringing irreparable changes in her life. Enraged by the deceit and the unconscionable behavior of these men, Tanya turns whistleblower and vows to assist the FBI in shutting down the dating app and porn site - and she won't stop until the perverted perpetrators are behind bars. She never relents, but ultimately laments, "I never thought that I would have to give up my life to remain alive."

Story in a nutshell –

I am an introvert. And hence, I feel that we introverts find social media extremely amusing. We get to meet new people, make friends and come out of our shell. (These are my perceptions.) The protagonist, Taanya is amused by an online dating site and willingly signs up for it. She makes friends and realizes that she has been trapped in the social media web. She learns about the dirty games and about the founders of this dating site. Her life is at stake. Does she get out of the trap? Is she successful at punishing the wrongdoer?

Review –

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. But when the cover is so intriguing, I guess judging the book is allowed. Isn’t it? (:P) The Wild Cat is an engaging read. It is indeed a page turner.

We live in the age of internet. Social media is used by a majority of people. With the invent of social media, cyber crimes increased. We do hear stories about cyber crimes in news and in print media. This novel throws light on one such cyber crime – pornography. The story has been well crafted and the plot is perfect. The manner in which the events have been placed in the story is excellent. The pace of the story is fast. I believe that is how the pace of web 2.0 is! It’s fast and changes in the blink of an eye.

The characters aren’t many. They are portrayed so well that you will think of them to be real at some point in the story. You will draw a vivid picture of the characters in your minds. Every bad person was, once upon a time, a good human being. You will learn this when you read about the history of the characters.

The story has been narrated well. The lucid language and the great narration makes a perfect combo.

The story will confuse you a bit towards the end. But it is worth all the time you invest in it. I believe that this story has the great potential of being turned into a movie. I wouldn’t be surprised to find it on a movie screen.

I rate:

Cover – 4/5

Characters – 4/5

Story – 4/5

My overall rating for The Wild Cat is 4/5 stars. 
You can book your copies on Amazon.

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