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Razor Sharp by Abhinav Kumar - Book Review

Razor sharp Abhinav Kumar
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Book Name: Razor Sharp

Author: Abhinav Kumar


In my debut collection of short stories, I explore relationships and friendships, bits of the past and the present, and changing times. Each story explores a world, a relationship or an incident unto itself: while they are disjointed, my sole purpose is to touch the reader's mind and enhance his or her pleasure. Too many short stories, I believe, aim to befuddle and confuse, and in the process, lose sight of what is most important. Having been in this position several times in the past, in this collection, I present little bits of myself in the hope that you, the reader, feel happy or sad, laugh or despair - but never feel cheated. Happy reading!


I love reading short story collection as they are quick reads and you do not have to remember the story. Just the number of the story in that collection and you're good to go. 

Reading Razor Sharp was an enjoyable experience. The stories are short and make a place in your heart. They are about the common thingswhich happen to common people like you and me. Some stories make you ponder while some leave you surprised. They leave a mark upon the reader. They stay with the reader.There are 13 stories in this collection. My favorite ones are Razor Sharp, Prejudice, Memory and 13(1)(vii). 

At times, we have to take tough decisions about our lives. We are usually confused about these decisions. Pondering about it in a cool place and with a calm mind can help us a lot. A similar kind of situation happens with the protagonist of the story, Razor Sharp. I could very much relate to him. 

The second story that I loved the most is Prejudice. Marital rape is something that not everyone speaks about. I've seen some women suffer. I could understand the feelings of the girl. 

Revenge is something which most of us like reading. I don't know why but this story reminded me of the movie Table No. 21 

And lastly, 13(1)(vii). When I read this title, I couldn't understand what the story could be. And that made me grow my interest in this story. Love can walk into your life at any point of time. And you've to take a step towards that love. This is what this storu taught me. 

The narration and language is excellent. I loved the way author has narrated the stories. There's a personal touch to each of the story. 

I noticed a peculiar trait about this author. When you start reading a story and believe it, it is during this time that the story surprises you with a twist. This has happened with me while reading all the stories of this collection. I came across many new words which enhanced my vocabulary. The author's note towards the end of the story is something I've seen for the first time. He says that his stories were not published and rejected. I wonder who wouldn't want to publish such interesting tales.

I rate Razor Sharp with 3.5/5 stars.

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