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The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Vikrant Khanna - Book Review

The Girl Who Knew Too Much - Book Cover

‘The Girl Who Knew Too Much’ is a novel with new storyline. Suspenseful romance mystery will surely keep you on the edge. A good one-time read it is!

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Book Name: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Author: Vikrant Khanna

Publisher: Penguin Books

Price: Rs. 175


Can true love bring someone back from the dead?

Akshara is left devasted by her mother’s death and spends most of her time in solitude at the local park. One day, she meets a man named Harry, who, to help ease some of her pain, recounts to her s story about the miraculous reunion of a young woman and her dead boyfriend. The story makes Akshara hopeful that she can perhaps see her mother again.

But soon she realizes that Harry isn’t what he seems to be. Even the characters in his story seem dubious, almost unreal. So what is he hiding? And why? Is there any truth to his story at all?

In this darkly suspenseful romance mystery, Akshara is left facing a truth that will make her doubt not Harry but also herself...


The first thing that you’ll find attractive about this book is its cover. It gives you a faint idea about how the novel is going to read like. It is lovely. It will create a curiosity in the minds of the readers and you will find yourself impatient to read this book.

The story is about Akshara, a young girl, who has recently lost her mother. She is sad and finds comfort being alone and in solitude. She cannot stop herself from crying. The very fact that her mother is no more doesn’t allow her to sleep. It doesn’t allow her to be at peace. She visits the park everyday and meets Harry. He starts talking to her and expresses his desire to narrate a story to her. Akshara agrees and realizes that the story that Harry narrates is not just a story for she can relate herself to the story. A few days later, Harry tells Akshara his truth. What truth does he tell her? How does Akshara react to this truth?

The blurb of the story is very interesting. You will instantly feel like going through the pages of this book. The story is not one among those stereotyped stories. It is different. The moment you read the first page of this book, you will feel attached to its characters. You will be curious to know what happens next. The story will keep you hooked on to it. The first person narration, the simple language and the mystery element will give you an awesome reading experience.

‘The Girl Who Knew Too Much’ is a novel with new storyline. Suspenseful romance mystery will surely keep you on the edge. A good one-time read it is!

I rate:

Cover: 3.5/5

Characters: 3.5/5

Story: 3/5

I rate ‘The Girl Who Knew Too Much’ with 3/5 stars.

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  1. Good One Divya. Personally, I'd love to read a deeper analysis of the books in your reviews indicating the story concept, structure, narration, character arcs, characters, dialogue comments, anecdotes and other dynamics involved in the novels. I think adding these factors in your reviews would make it stand out. Just a suggestion. Thanks.


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