Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Book Review: I am big. So what? by Shuchi Singh Kalra


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Book Name: I am big. So what?

Authoress: Shuchi Singh Kalra

Publisher: Fingerprint Lite


Is it only in India where people don’t realize that starting a conversation with “Oh, you’ve put on weight!” is incredibly rude?

Perhaps I should respond with “Oh, you’ve become uglier!” so they get the point.

From stores that do not stock clothes my size to unsolicited advice from neighbourhood aunties, my life- quite annoyingly – is ruled by the numbers on the scale.

What’s the big deal about being big? You may wonder.

Well, quite a lot, actually.

For starters, you get dumped by the only man you’ve ever loved, social situations go from awkward to embarrassing within seconds, and don’t even get me started on the family’s never-ending search for a suitable groom. They just don’t make men my size these days!

Nevertheless, here I am, about to meet Suitor No. 7. Begrudgingly, of course.

Ride along as I navigate the crazy arranged marriage market. And trust me, its crazier when you’re more than a little curvy.

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