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Who says men don't cry? - Short Story - Part 2

Who says men don't cry? - Short Story - Part 2

In the case you have missed the first part, you can read it here!

“Rhea announced that she wanted to date me.” I replied.

“Oh My God!” Swati exclaimed.

“I too gave her a similar reaction that day. She was annoyed with me. She asked me why all guys should have the liberty of asking girls out. I was baffled with her courage. That was the beginning of our relationship.” Swati was smiling at me.

“Days got really better for me. Our relationship was blossoming, growing strong day after day. I was falling more and more for Rhea. She had changed my view of looking at life. I was turning in to a positive person. I was enjoying my life and then it happened- our first fight. The reason for the fight was a silly one. I had texted her the time she was with her mother shopping. She told me that I was irritating her with my messages. She asked me not to text her and hanged up on me. I had tears in my eyes the time she disconnected the call.”

“You are an emotional person, Anuj.” Swati said while handing over a tissue to me. I was crying. I have heard people say that ‘Men don’t cry’. Don’t we have feelings? Don’t we get hurt? Is it bad to show out our emotions to the world?

I continued with my story. “She did not attend college for 3 consecutive days. I did not receive any text from her. Neither did she call. She had cut me off from her life completely. I accepted the reality and decided to move on. She had left me without stating any reason, without any goodbye. I bunked college and stayed inside my hostel room for 2 days. My roommate offered me help but I refused it politely.”

“Do you still believe that shutting yourself from people helps lessening your grief?”

“No. It doesn’t. It helps you come in terms with reality. It helps you accept the truth.”

“Okay. Go On!” Swati knew that it wasn’t the end of my story.

“One fine Friday, I heard a knock at my door. I cursed my roommate for disturbing my sleep and fetched the door. It was her. Rhea smiled at me and got inside my room. She quickly locked the door and hugged me. She started kissing my neck and unbuttoning my shirt. She admitted to me that she couldn’t stay away from me anymore. She said that she wanted me inside her. She claimed my lips and we fell on the bed. I had never seen her so desperate. Her expressions and her body language depicted a kind of urgency. She undressed herself quickly and we did it.”

“Did you enjoy it?” Swati questioned. Her question was really personal. I was skeptical about answering it. I was embarrassed.

“Swati, I wanted to make love to her not simple fuck.”


“Swati, it’s true that we, guys are always looking for sex. But it is also true that when we fall in love, we believe in making love. It was different for Rhea. She was changing. Perhaps I did not recognize the real her.”

“What followed then?”

“The next day, I received a lot many texts- all sexual, weird ones. All from unknown numbers.” I made a typical face.

“What texts are you talking about, Anuj?” I did not know whether I was prepared to tell Swati about those texts. I wondered if she would judge me and Rhea. Was I again thinking about Rhea?

“Did you enjoy the fuck? How was her vagina? Enjoyed the blowjob? Did you come inside her? Share your experience.” I said in one go.

“Okay.” Swati said calmly.

“Is that all that you have to say? Aren’t you having any questions?”

“Anuj, you will anyways tell me the answer. Is my questioning necessary?”

“Those texts were from her ex-boyfriends. She had told them that she would fuck me.”


“Don’t you dare call her that!” I shouted.

“You still love her. Don’t you?” Swati asked me. I did not have any answer to her question. I guess I did not want to answer her. Swati sensed my uneasiness and asked “What did you do?”

(To be continued...)

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